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Resource-One is a privately held environmental recycling company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that offers innovative recycling and reuse programs. We take pride in our ability to locate outlets and develop methods that can reuse materials as new product or raw material rather than relegate to waste. Resource One can assist companies in reducing environmental regulation exposure, elimination of hazardous waste, and reduction of generator status.

With our extensive network of facilities, we can offer a one source management program that provides reuse / recycling programs and environmental services nationwide. We work with companies of all sizes, including several Fortune 500 companies, and offer a tailor-designed plan to fit each individual customer's needs and goals. Our focus is to assess and evaluate your needs and develop and implement a continuous improvement plan. We also provide comprehensive tracking reports and user friendly monthly feedback to benchmark program success. Our Account Managers average over 20 years of experience with environmental regulations and recycling/reuse programs. Our customers have found our programs to be very successful and "user-friendly."

Resource One's programs are good for our customers and our environment!!!

  • To help companies reduce environmental risk and exposure
  • To offer the best reuse / recycling opportunities to reduce material and landfill
  • To find outlets and methods which will reuse the material as new product or raw material as compared to waste
  • To provide companies continuous improvement in recycle/reuse programs and greater environmental control
  • To offer reuse / recycling programs that are "user-friendly" and easy as possible

Resource One's Goals & Objectives
Resource One's Philosophy
"Resource One: Keeping things simple"